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Wiccan instruments and tools are used to perform rituals, ceremonies and celebrations, among other things. Each instrument has a unique meaning and magical property, which you can read about below. The tools Wiccan use vary from altar instruments to musical instruments.

  1. The Boline

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    A boline is typically a curved dagger (although not necessarily) with a white handle, and is used for cutting grass, flowers, branches from trees, writing labels on candles and the...
  2. Magic Wand

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    Wands are ancient magical tools, which have been used in ceremonies for thousands of years. Wands, wooden sticks, canes and staffs were used throughout history by shamans, healers, African sorcerers,...
  3. The Chalice

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    The chalice (cup, goblet) symbolizes the feminine aspect of the rituals, and is quite obviously related to the water element. The chalice is filled with blessed water (water of life)...


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