Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

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Three of Pentacles card is above all a symbol of readiness for something. Willingness to move to a new level. This is due to the fact that a basis for any innovation or changes is already prepared, for example: you have all the required connections to implement your plan, and have a knowledge base, which is necessary for its realization.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Three of Pentacles reveals character traits such as: ability to convince people, ability to listen and hear, extracting from it the most useful knowledge for yourself, ability to achieve a stable income for yourself, maybe not too high, but still stable. This person has also a talent to survive even on very modest money.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a specific situation, the Three of Pentacles promises it will be successful, but only if the person knows what he really wants, confident in his views and ready to put some efforts to implement his plans through possible difficulties on the way. If there is a desire for something new, it should wait a little. If there is some unfinished business that has already begun, this person will bring it to a successful conclusion.

In relation to the Major Arcana, this card has a good value – it enhances the good influences of the Major Arcana cards and balances the bad ones.

Card Symbols

  • Scene
  • Black background
  • Working sculptor
  • People in medieval robes
  • Number 3 and an element

Card Meaning

Mastery, excellence, artistry, grandeur, possession of a property, hierarchy and power. The power is achieved in harmony, with no coercions, and it has a basis of money interests. Three of Pentacles card can indicate a pregnancy, a change of weight, material acquisition. Sometimes it may mean a marriage, contacts with financial institutions or laws.

Reversed Card Meaning

Stubbornness, cunning, low quality work or products, money problems, divergence of thought and unprofessionalism. In a reversed position Three of Pentacles card may mean overwork and excessive workload “without resting”.

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