Four of Wands Tarot Card

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Four of Wands is a symbol of stability and prosperity. A person who gets this card in a spread has already achieved or will achieve a good financial position and wealth.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a business, the Four of Wands means that you will achieve success without too much efforts and losses.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on love, the Four of Wands promises that everything will be very beneficial and you will achieve the desired result.

This card is one of the most favorable cards in a deck and has a good value in any spread. This good value influences all cards in a spread, including Major Arcana cards.

Card Symbols

  • Fortress
  • People carrying flower bouquets
  • Four wands, decorated with garlands
  • Number 4 and an element

Card Meaning

The card symbolizes a holiday of successful completing of tasks, inner peace, satisfaction and peacefulness. Something has already been so internally completed that it forms by itself into a new shape. For example, a happy couple, which lived together for a long time has finally decided to formalize their relationship.
Additional Card Meanings: Prosperity, harmony.

Reversed Card Meaning

Instability, haste, delay, lag, laxity or confusion of thoughts, and inability to mobilize yourself for something. The mind and the intellect need a comfort. It’s much the same as the feeling when suddenly pulling a person out of the meditation.


Be open to people and new ideas.


Politeness shouldn’t be only external.

Card of the Day

Today you can fully express yourself. Don’t be afraid that you might be “punished” for it. Feel free to take the first step in a relationship with another person. You will find out that people will greet you. Greet this day, put away the sad thoughts and give yourself (or someone else) a bouquet of flowers. If you’ve put away an unpleasant duty for a long time now, for example, a difficult phone conversation – then today is the most auspicious day for such cases. Use your charm and you will win.

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