Two of Swords Tarot Card

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Two of Swords is a symbol of internal and external conflicts. It is a card that indicates human hesitation and a great difficulty to make any decision. Also, this card is an indicator of inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with the current situation, indifferent attitude towards life and an inactive position in life. Positive sides that the Two of Swords card may indicate are reasonableness and balanced decision-making and the ability to solve problems peacefully.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on specific situation, the Two of Swords indicates that in this situation you’ll have to decide between two completely opposite things. In relation to the Major Arcana, Two of Swords symbolizes an attitude towards that specific situation of a person, for whom the spread is made.

Card Symbols

  • Two swords
  • The path to the sea and the moon is closed
  • Blindfolded
  • Dreary and gray foreground
  • Number 2 and an element

Card Meaning

Balanced strength, solidity and an ability to move forward. Secret meaning of this card is a way to come to a compromise. Therefore, Two of Swords can also mean: cooperation, agreement and harmony.
Additional Card Meanings: Duality, analysis.

Reversed Card Meaning

Fading strength, duplicity, falsity, disgrace, betrayal, “fake” friends and lies. Reversed Two of Swords card warns you not to trust a former enemy, which has decided to offer you the world for your friendship. It might be a proposal of deception, to attract you in some sort of shady business. Two of Swords indicates a test: whether or not your desire is strong enough. When will is faced with a barrier, it either overcomes it or dies.


Have doubts. Trust, but be cautious.


Don’t try to find a solution or a way to live with only the help of intellect.

Card of the Day

Today you will be assailed by doubts. Was your recent decision right? What to do next? Does this person deserve my trust? It’s like missing your own inner voice, the only one who was able to remove all doubts. If you are required to express an opinion or to make a decision, then it is a bad day for it. Set these things aside for tomorrow, sleep on it.

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