New Orleans Love Spell

2 12 years ago

Marie Laveau’s followers have used a ritual with knots to keep two people together. The physical binding of two Voodoo dolls with an ordinary rope has parallels with the spiritual bond between two people.

Here is what you will need to do for this love spell:

Make two Voodoo dolls to represent two people who you want to bond together. Label the dolls with the appropriate names. Place both dolls in front of you. Take a 30cm long rope and tie the first knot at the same distance from its ends. While tying the knot, say the following:

“Let (their names) be attracted to each other, as these dolls are tied to each other”

The second knot is tied at a distance of 2-3cm to the right of the first, while saying the following:

“The love between (their names) is indestructible”

Tie a third knot at a distance of 2-3cm to the left of the first and say the following:

“(their names) are not to part with one another, even if their passion will fade over time”

The fourth knot should be tied to the right of the second one while saying the following:

“Let the spirits of love keep the image of Him in the heart and Her in the soul forever, same as the image of Her in the soul and Him in the heart”

Continue tying another knot to the left of the third one, while saying:

“Let faithfulness be their eternal companion for life”

Tie a sixth knot to the right of the fourth one, and say the following:

“(His name) will always love (her name) and only (her name). (Her name) will forever love (his name) and only (his name)”

The last knot should be tied to the left of the fifth one, saying the following:

“(their names) will live in love and happiness, and nothing on this earth can destroy their union”

Now place the Voodoo dolls near each other and wrap the rope with knots around them, tying the rope ends together. Put the dolls under your bed for seven nights. On the seventh day, the doll should be hidden in a secret place or burned (as a sacrifice to the spirits of love).


  1. ivan

    i need to bring a friend back, she is 29, and was very friendly, I am old enough to be her father (so not interested in SEX). and she stop being friendly a month ago. I need to have her come back like we did when she 1st moved in, we got together for a few breakfast & a few lunch, and like I said she stopped it. and says very little to me. how can I get her to want to see me once a week for a coffee or breakfast.

  2. waytoolive

    Can a picture of the two people be used instead of the dolls?

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