Healing Voodoo Spell

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Healing spells, along with love spells, are regarded as the main purpose of white magic in Voodoo. This is a simple and common healing spell which uses a voodoo doll to perform.

Prepare a Voodoo doll with a white dress, giving the doll the personality of your patient. Mix rosemary oil, tincture of wormwood, sage and brandy and stir it all in almond oil. Add sesame seeds to the mixture.

Light a white candle. Lubricate the Voodoo doll with the mixture you made, on the spots that require treatment. Lubricate yourself on the same spots as the Voodoo doll.

Take white-headed straight needles and stick them on the Voodoo doll to the places which you lubricated. While sticking the needles, read a healing prayer. New Orleans Voodoo uses prayers to St. Lazarus. If you are orthodox, read a prayer for healing a patient:

“Oh, mighty God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, in worship and undivided Trinity, look tenderly upon thy servant (name), held in disease; Forgive him and all of his sins, heal him from the illness; Bring back his health and strength; Give him a long and prosperous life, peace and thine blessings so that he would bring gratefulness in prayer to thee, God and my Creator. Holy Mother of God, help me pray to your son, my God, heal the servant of God (name). All saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for his sick servant (name). Amen.”

You can read other healing prayers in this instance, such as the prayer to Holy Mother of God, prayer to Archangel Raphael and so on.


  1. Pagan Priestess

    Does this include prayers to the Lwa?

  2. mohammad

    my injury began five months ago Because of a car accident the injury was in the neck specifically in cervical vertebrae (C1) complex fractures,then I had a surgery to install a skull on the second and third cervical vertebrae with the use of bone grafts
    Doctor’s opinion that I will lose fifty percent of the movement of the neck in the future
    can you help me
    i want to get back like before?

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