Spell Against Rumors

1 12 years ago

You can use the following spell in order to protect yourself and get rid of gossip and rumors. There are two ways to perform this spell, both of which require making a Voodoo doll that represents the person who spreads rumors about you.

First Method

Light a black candle, lubricated with an oil made out of bergamot oil, acorus root, incense and licorice root with the addition of honeysuckle and rose oil.

While the candle burns, make a Voodoo doll dressed in black and cross it by the name of the person who did you wrong. Make a cut using a knife or a blade where the mouth of the doll is, and fill the hole with cane. Melt wax and fill the doll’s mouth with it so that the cane will remain inside the mouth.

You will have to bury the doll some place out of people’s reach and away from home, a place that you will never visit again.

Second Method

Spread a fire and throw a slippery elm in to it (ulmus fulva). While the fire is burning, tie two sticks in the shape of a cross (the same way when making a Spanish moss Voodoo doll). Wrap the cross frame with yellow cloth, tying it tightly. When doing so, focus your energy and thoughts on how to stop false rumors and gossip.

When the cross is fully wrapped, imagine that the cloth of the doll wraps all your frustrations and feelings from such rumors and gossip. Focusing only on the Voodoo doll, throw it into the fire and look at it until it is fully burnt.

This should put an end to the bad rumors and gossip around you.


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