Symbolism of Gris-gris Materials & Objects

0 12 years ago

In addition to filling gris-gris bags with herbs and stones, the bags can be filled with a variety of objects and materials which hold different meanings.

  • Nail: protection from negative effects
  • Rainwater or river water: protection from negative effects
  • Soil from cemetery: protection, good luck in gambling
  • Gold, gold coins: money
  • Illustration of “$”: good luck in gambling
  • Keys: love
  • Horse chestnut: male potency, success in business, getting a job
  • Black cat’s bone: attract fortune, luck in gambling (the bone can be replaced with a chicken’s leg, dyed in black)
  • Cross: blessing and spiritual protection
  • Piece of red brick: home protection, attraction of money, success in business
  • Magnet: attract fortune, gifts, attention from people
  • Copper medals: health
  • Coins: money
  • Arrow’s head: love, spiritual protection
  • Ammonia: cleansing, protection from adverse effects
  • Dice: good luck in gambling
  • Sugar, candy: attract love, success in relationships, attract money into business, profit
  • Wedding ring: love
  • Holy water: spiritual protection
  • Silver: money
  • Salt: spiritual cleansing, blessing, removal of bad luck
  • Wedding flowers: love
  • Neck chain: spiritual protection
  • Four leaf clover: good luck in gambling

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