Symbolism of Gris-gris Stones & Minerals

1 12 years ago

In order to use the stones and minerals in your gris-gris bags, you will have to crush them into dust and mix them with dried herbs. The minerals have several meanings that all fall into one of the following: love, success, spiritual protection and health.

  • Agate: health (white agate), luck in gambling (dark colored agate)
  • Amber: love, luck, luck in gambling
  • Amethyst: health, spiritual protection
  • Aquamarine: love
  • Avanturine: good luck
  • Colorless Quartz: protection, happiness, peace, health
  • Flint: protection from hazards, health
  • Fossil wood: health
  • Gold: success, wealth, money
  • Hematite: health
  • Jade: spiritual protection, health
  • Jasper: protection from negative effects
  • Lapis: spiritual protection, health, love
  • Malachite: love
  • Moonstone: protection from the dangers of love
  • Obsidian: protection
  • Opal: love
  • Pearls: protection, success, luck in gambling, love
  • Pyrite: good luck in gambling, easy money
  • Red coral: protection from negative effects, love
  • Rose quartz: love
  • Rubin: protectiong from negative effects
  • Sapphire: health
  • Sodalite: health
  • Tiger eye: protection from dangers
  • Topaz: spiritual protection, health
  • Turquoise: protection from negative effects, health


  1. Pagan Priestess~

    Rose quartz & clear quart are my faves…also like jasper!

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