Voodoo Doll Materials – How to Make Real Voodoo dolls

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It’s time to stop following and listening to the charlatans online. They will mostly tell you the exact materials you should use to make your voodoo doll the most effective. Sometimes they even suggest buying the materials directly from their websites – Don’t!

The simple truth is :  you can use anything you like to create Voodoo dolls!

There are no real accepted rules on how to create a “real” Voodoo doll. You can make any doll you want, and however you want, by keeping in mind that the doll will have direct materialistic and spiritual connection to the person. People have made Voodoo dolls from any materials they could get their hands on in various places and periods, such as clay, wood, wax, corn leaves, human bones, various fabrics, feathers, plant roots, etc.

You can use any materials at your disposal to make voodoo doll. Let’s have a look at some in more detail.


New Orleans Voodoo dolls were mostly made out of blue clay, which was dug out of burrows of crayfish. You can use any clay you want to create your dolls. When finishing working on a doll, a hollow void is kept inside, where materials can be put into that hold symbolism or belong to the person such as herbs for example. After that the doll is brought into a proper form, painted and applied with magical symbols.

Spanish Moss

A classic material for New Orleans Voodoo dolls. This plant resembles a human beard hanging from the branches of trees, and is an excellent material for stuffing pillows, furniture, etc. This is why Spanish Moss is common in southern United States, and has been used successfully by Louisiana sorcerers. A “traditional” Voodoo doll without legs is made out of this plant.


A material which is perfect in almost all aspects. It is flexible and capable to last in its original shape for a long time. Wax is especially preferred for its ease of human portrayal, ease of carving magic symbols and the possibility to attach human hair to the doll.


Rag dolls were used in New Orleans Voodoo and were made from two strips of material. These two strips are then embroidered into two identical forms on the left and right side of the doll, leaving a hole to fill the doll with magic herbs, objects or ordinary moss.


The most primitive doll can be made out of wood, but such dolls will only depict a human form in a very generalized way (without the small details). Sometimes a single doll is carved from a single piece of wood, which requires a certain skill and accuracy. One of the simplest versions of dolls which were popular in early stages of Voodoo in Louisiana was a thick tree branch or stump covered in moss, trimmed with a cloth and a face which made the doll look somewhat realistic.

Plant Roots

The roots of a mandrake, which often look very similar to a human figure, can be used for Voodoo magic without any additional work. With sufficient skill, you can carve a figure of a human from potatoes, celery or the like.


Those who are familiar with the papier-mache technique don’t need explanation how a Voodoo doll can be made out of paper. The two basic ways to do so is to either turn the paper into pulp, soak it and mix it with an adhesive composition (then it can be used as clay or wax), or apply layer by layer, gluing the paper to the same composition. It is easy to turn paper into a substitute for other materials.


Voodoo dolls out of bones are mainly used for black magic.

Modern Materials

Dolls can be made out of plastic, polyethylene, foam, or even from 3d printers using the latest technology.

To sum it all up, use any voodoo doll materials available to you at the moment, materials is not something that should stand in your way.


  1. Priestess RavenHeart~

    I don’t think I made it secure enough….I made new ones recently that are better constructed and if you read the OP above it’s listed under plant roots to use….

  2. Pagan Priestess~

    I made a mandrake doll once…I had so much bad luck @ the time that I became confused & I don’t know if it helped or what….it might’ve but I can’t remember, although I do remember why I made it…maybe someday the confusion will clear, but I won’t make another one!

    • alex bell

      im not sure about its uses in voodoo but from my understanding mandrake root is usually used as a form to bring negative energies to a person. so if you used it as a doll of yourself that might be why.

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