Determine the Initials of Your Lover

0 12 years ago

If you are yet to get married and are not bound by ties of love, you can perform a spell to find out the initials of your future love. This is for the curious ones and for those who cannot wait for their romantic future.

Take an apple and cut off its skin carefully, keeping it intact. Take the skin in your right hand and say the following:

“I call upon the power of the universe to reveal the first letter of my true love’s name.”

Turn around yourself clockwise three times. Throw the apple’s skin through your left shoulder. It will fall and will form the letter you wish for when on the ground.

There is another variation to this spell, as follows:
You need to hang the apple skin at the entrance of your home. The first letter of the name of the first person to walk into your home is the letter you are seeking.

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