Finding if Your Current Partner is Your True Love

1 12 years ago

There might be always doubt about your current relationship and where the road might take you. Is the person you’re currently with really the one? Will you marry this person?This simple spell will help you see more clearly and answer these questions.

Take two silver coins and toss them in the air, while saying the following:

“If this is my true love, so be it. If not, let it go.”

Now take a look at the coins:

  • The coins fell near each other or both with heads up – you chose your love wisely.
  • The coins fell far away from each other or both with tails up – it is possible that you might break up soon.
  • One coin heads up and another tails up – A rocky road with many obstacles in your relationship.
  • The coins fell on top of each other – You might get married this year.


  1. Frankie

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thgins like that?

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