Salem Witch’s Love Potion

6 12 years ago

This is a well known love potion, and should be used with a corresponding love spell for several purposes:

  • So that the best suitable person will enter your life.
  • To strengthen your current relationship and love.
  • For attaining love and friendship.

A lot of Salem witches like to sprinkle this potion in their homes and lubricate the front and rear doors of their homes with it in order to strengthen the friendliness of each person who enters.


  • 1 teaspoon of pink or red petals, best to use both. Red petals represent passionate love, while pink represent friendship and a strong bond.
  • 1 teaspoon of lavender, to attract love
  • 1/2 teaspoon of oak leaves, to attain power and male energy
  • A few sticks of cinnamon, to gain magical power and success in love

Boil all the above ingredients in two cups of water. While the ingredients are heated, say the following:

“With the power of the Goddess and the God, and the rule of Aphrodite and Venus,
I conjure this potion with all the good spirits of love
To attract love, good feelings, romantic moods,
Passionate love between lovers,
A strong bond and a long friendship.”



    I?m making special anti-COVID Corona potion spell with some ogre mucus Chamomile Gus hair onion skin

  2. RavenSong

    Be careful if you intend on consuming types of potions or herbs. Some are Inedible and can be deadly if eaten. Make sure to check if you are allergic to anything in the “Ragweed” Family. For common herbs such as chamomile, ‘A common use in sleep-aid’ Are in the ragweed family and to those who are allergic it could cause a severe reaction.

  3. Linda Bostic

    Mmmm…the oak leaf portion is strange!

  4. pearl

    where might i purchase the ingredients for portions?

    • RavenSong

      You can usually buy most common herbs such as Hibiscus flower, or lavender, ect, At organic stores such as earth origins. But for more uncommon herbs such as Mugwort and broom, You can check metaphysical stores, but your best bet in Online. Most Pagan stores Online sell a variety of herbs for your everyday needs.

  5. piper

    what happens if my kitchen gose in fire

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