Protective Spell of Justice

1 12 years ago


  • Magenta/purple scarf or cloth
  • 2 small plates, equally sized
  • 2 purple candles
  • Fig
  • An object that resembles the organization from which you want justice
  • A piece of carnelian (stone) if possible

If you feel that you are being treated unjustly or you feel the need to prevent injustice, perform this spell on Thursday.

Spread the scarf or cloth, light a candle and put the two plates in front of them. Place the object that resembles an organization from which you want justice (it might be a university essay, a business document or anything else). Pour fig on the plates. Express your intention and name the thing you have the right for. For example – “I have the right to be heard”. When doing this, place one fig on the right plate. Now name what you will do in return, for example – “I will listen with respect”. Place another fig on the left plate, repeating when necessary – “I have the right to be judged correctly on the exam” with a combination of “I will be working to the best of my ability” for example. For each of the things you ask, name the things you will do in return. When finished, eat the fig by chewing it carefully. The remains should be buried in the ground. Place a piece of carnelian stone in front of you and draw a pentacle below it, saying the following:

Stone of the sun, bring me justice,
Courage, peace and protection, in the name of the Goddess”

Keep the stone on you, especially in situations where you can be made a victim of injustice.

This spell helps to get the justice of the universe. It can come unexpectedly.


  1. bebby kitty

    Re: “Protective Spell of Justice” – I feel blessed to have found this spell, as there are some shady goings-on in one part of my life. I can personalise and tailor it to MY situation, and unlike some of the other spells I’ve looked at on this subject, it feels “clean.” Thanks so much, and Blessed Be!

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