Healing Patients Spell

0 12 years ago


  • Green candle
  • White candle
  • Patient’s photograph
  • Small plate
  • Yellow or gold pen
  • Small piece of paper
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Elderberry

Draw a shape of the sun on the piece of paper, while at the same time visualizing the healing solar energy surrounding the patient and gives him the strength to recover. Put the paper on the plate. Place the photo of the patient on top of it, and say the following:

“Endowed by the power of the sun,
By the bright light healed as one.”

Mix the mint, rosemary and elderberry together. Pour the herbs around the photograph counter clockwise, in order to banish the disease. Say the following:

“Surrounded by a circle of herbs,
Let the illness go back to darkness,
So be it!”

Place a green candle on the left corner, and a white candle on the right corner. Light the candles, starting from the green one. Say the following:

“Bright fires will burn your disease,
It will not return to your home,
I banish this disease forever,
Let my will be done.”

Repeat the visualization of healing and extinguish the candles. Light them again for the following two days and repeat the visualization.

[message_box type=”error”]Note that this spell is aimed to healing other people, be it a friend or a relative. You can adjust and tweak the spell in order for it to work on yourself if needed.[/message_box]

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