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The autumn equinox is a time of harvest, therefore it is recommended to fill your home with warmth, comfort, love, prosperity and protection. This simple spell will make your home a happy and prosperous place.

Perform this spell during the Mabon Sabbat, after the sun has passed to Libra. You can cast this spell at any other time, on Thursday for prosperity, on Friday for love. But doing so on Mabon will be more effective, powerful and longer lasting.


  • Big red apple
  • Cloves (spice – a handful of clove caps)

During this spell, you are going to appeal to the forces of nature, Venus and Jupiter, and the elements of water and fire.

Performing the spell

Apples are known to mankind since the dawn of time, and they are closely intertwined with all legends. They bring youth, love, health and peace, and are very healthy as food. There is no need to eat the apple for our Wiccan spell purpose.

To begin, take the big red apple and cut it in half across, in such a way that will make a pentagram shape in the middle of the apple, which is a symbol of protection.

Completely wrap the apple’s pulp with the cloves. Clove brings love, money and protection. This will result in a magical item that brings love, health, peace, tranquility, money, prosperity and protection. But it must now be empowered to serve our purpose.

Heat your oven to about 90-100c. Place the apple halves (covered with cloves) inside the oven and wait until the edges of the apples begin to curl. Remove the apple halves and place them on a nice plate. Place the plate in the center of your home and say the following words:

“Apple blesses this home with love and happiness.
Cloves protect my home with warmth and wealth.
So be it!”

Let the magical aroma fill your home with the energy of love, prosperity, peace and security.

Important note: Do not eat the apple, because of the cloves. After the aromatic smell is gone, you can thank the apple and respectfully bury it.


  1. Linda Bostic

    MM..”Apple blesses this home with love & happiness.
    Cloves protect my home with warmth & wealth.
    So be it!”….BB

    @I really like the spell, thanks

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