The Love Knot Ritual

0 12 years ago


  • Pink candle
  • Toothpick
  • A strip of paper
  • Green, red and white ribbons
  • A twig of willow

In order to attract the ideal lover, begin by casting a spell when there’s sufficient moonlight on Friday evening. Imagine his or hers physical and spiritual traits and characteristics and give him or her a magical name. Write that name down on the candle with the help of a toothpick. Write your name down on a thin paper strip and roll the ribbons around the paper while always thinking about him or her. Take the ribbons, the candle and the twig of willow and hold them at the moonlight, asking Venus to bless the items. Now it’s time to light the candle. Focus on the candle’s flame and imagine yourself physically holding hands with your new lover. Roll the ribbons around the candle clockwise, while watching how the candle lights the name of your lover. Tighten each end of the ribbon to the willow. The twig should be held closely by when you go to sleep. Release the ribbons on the next day to release the spell and to attract a new love to your life.

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