Ace of Cups Tarot Card

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Ace of Cups is a symbol of spiritual harmony and spiritual purity. A person, who gets the Ace of Cups in a spread, has the ability to understand his true mission, which will lead him to true happiness. This card indicates that this person has a rare good character with dominant characteristics such as kindness, honesty and openness. This kind of person will always be attractive to others. He will also live at a sufficiently high level of spiritual life, as he will always strive to improve himself and will seek for new knowledge that will help him in spirituality.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a situation, the Ace of Cups promises a good outcome and peaceful conflict resolution.

However, this card also warns that if you want to achieve a desired result, then you shouldn’t dissipate your attention and energies on distracting items, but should devote yourself to the chosen case, and then your success is guaranteed.

In relation to the Major Arcana, Ace of Cups often brings harmony. However, in relation to negative cards of Major Arcana such as the Tower tarot card, the Hanged Man tarot card and the Devil tarot card, it can dramatically change its overall positive attitude and confirm the bad predictions of the cards above.

Card Symbols

  • Hand of the Creator
  • Cup
  • Pigeon
  • Scene with a pigeon, communion bread and a cup
  • Reversed letter “M”
  • 5 water streams
  • 26 drops of water
  • Water Lilies
  • Number and an element

Card Meaning

The card indicates that you are on a threshold of something that will bring you joy, peace and harmony. It may also signal a start of a great feeling, of some event, which will start a romance, possibly a marriage. In some spreads this card may show an increased intuition. In this case, you shouldn’t neglect your feelings, hunches, insights or dreams. The card can also mean a willingness to be filled, an ability to accept what is given (joy, happiness, fertility, productivity, generosity) and a vision of the world in pink color. The Ace of Cups also associates with concepts such as a banquet and reception.
Additional Card Meanings: Joy, harmony.

Reversed Card Meaning

An emotional stagnation, lack of emotion, an emotional hunger. May also refer to: change, destruction, instability, infertility, unrequited love, overshadowed by the joy, false feeling and impermanence.


Use the given chance, it promises you a great success.


Do not indulge in empty dreams.

Card of the Day

Today is the day when your dreams come true. Use it to finally make an important decision or answer to a promising proposal. This card relates especially to love cases. If you know how to communicate with people by listening to your inner voice, then the happiness may begin even today. Although you may prefer to use this day to finally resolve a longstanding problem or to make peace with someone.

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