Four of Cups Tarot Card

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Four of Cups card is an indicator of stagnation. It may refer to a spiritual stagnation, which can often occur due to excessive satiety from the fact that everything in person’s life goes too smoothly and without any obstacles. It sounds paradoxical, but in fact, constant victories in affairs and relationships may negatively affect the person’s future by making him indifferent.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Four of Cups shows such traits as: insularity, inability to define specific goals, inability to understand yourself and your feelings.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a specific situation or future, the Four of Cups warns that it is better not to start what was planned, because it will bring little good, and the disappointment will be very strong. This card also may appear in a spread when there is an existing conflict between parties, and the person who performs the divination needs to engage in it and choose one of the conflicting sides.

In relation to the Major Arcana, the Four of Cups card can only enhance the value of negative cards. In combination with good cards, this card warns that in order to achieve positive resolution of things, the person should radically change his attitude towards business and life in general. Otherwise, the good prediction won’t be fulfilled.

Card Symbols

  • Seated man
  • Three standing cups
  • Hand reaching out from a cloud, holding a cup
  • Number 4 and an element

Card Meaning

Grace, generosity, even if it involves mixed feelings and confusion. A gift from heaven or a gift of fate that raises a concern and confusion, thus making the person question his feelings.
Additional Card Meanings: Consciousness, aversion.

Reversed Card Meaning

If in a regular position, the Four of Cups has a critical meaning and can be viewed more as unfortunate, then in a reversed position it has a total opposite meaning such as: new opportunities, new contacts, new friends, new approaches to old problems and new knowledge. And if in a regular position the card is related to recurrent situations and chronic problems, then in a reversed position it means another attempt to solve these problems.


Even you were offended or upset, keep your eyes open. A new chance is very near.


Don’t dive too deep into resentment, anger and bad moods.

Card of the Day

Carefully watch your mood today. Some little thing can make you upset, cause a cold or even heartburn. Even if you have a reason to be upset, don’t get carried away with grief. Otherwise, you can easily miss a favorable opportunity, which is very close.

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