Two of Cups Tarot Card

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Two Cups is one of the friendliest cards in a deck. It is a symbol of harmony and balance, mutual understanding between people, unity of reason and emotion, which is perfect harmony for any person. Such a person usually does not have any specific doubt and therefore he will be able to sacrifice his interests for the success and harmony, and for the interests of people he cares about as well.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on relationship, the Two of Cups may talk about true love, and even love from first sight. If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on business, the Two of Cups advises not to act all by yourself, but to join forces with like-minded people, and also to be more cautious regarding the case. The success largely depends on other people and their behavior. In any spread this card will encourage you to actively cooperate with other people.

In relation to the Major Arcana, Two of Cups advises to look for positive aspects in any situation. Even if you got a negative Major Arcana card, it is still not necessary to make fast conclusions, positive points can be found in almost any situation. If you’re in a difficult position, this card suggests you to look for support from the closest people to you. You should share your problems with them and they will for sure recommend something good to help you to get to the best resolution. If everything is well in your life at the moment, then this card reminds that you shouldn’t forget about the needs of other people and that you need to help others.

Card Symbols

  • Gesture
  • Man and woman, left and right
  • Wand entwined with snakes
  • Red lion head with wings
  • Number 2 and an element

Card Meaning

Love, passion, attraction, beauty, friendship, harmonious relationship between two people, understanding, cooperation, partnership and marriage. Two of Cups can also indicate an increased curiosity. Either this is a growing interest of two people to each other, or a suddenly awakened desire for self-knowledge.
Additional Card Meanings: Stronger joy, agreement.

Reversed Card Meaning

Frustration, desire, affection, greed, jealousy, lust, false friends, a difficult affair, divorce, a relationship, which brings only anxiety, confrontation, disagreement and misunderstanding. The appearance of a reversed Two of Cups card in a spread can indicate a scandal with your husband/wife, a quarrel with a lover, problems with partners or friends. This card is a warning signal regarding any upcoming deal. However there is a comfort – this card isn’t the strongest in a spread.


Entrust your love to another person or offer him your friendship.


Do not sacrifice yourself for harmony.

Card of the Day

Today is a day of deep affection, love, spiritual contact or reconciliation. Open yourself to others – and you may fall in love again. If you already have a loved one, then you’ll be able to live through a new spring of your love. But don’t wait until your loved one will come and put a bouquet of flowers under your feet, take a step forward by yourself so that the fate will know exactly what you want.


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