Tarot Reading Preparation

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Tarot reading requires careful, quiet preparation. In order to get the best results, you need to perform cleaning procedures, as well as prepare the needed items: candles, crystals, clothes, incense, music, a notebook and a pen.

First of all, it is necessary to clean yourself physically and morally. Take a shower. Don’t perform a spread when coming home from work, without even taking your clothes off and shower. It is not recommended to perform tarot spreads when hungry or thirsty either. Wash yourself, eat well and have a small rest.

After doing all of the above, it is time to concentrate. If you are performing tarot reading to another person, it is important to have a peaceful and relax inner state in order to prevent your personal feelings and emotions get in the way of the reading. If you are doing a reading for yourself, it is okay to be worried – as the concentration does not go away in such a case.

You must have a place where you can quietly be on your own or with your querrent. There is a need for a table, wide enough to hold your spreads (very big spreads can be placed on the floor). You will also need chairs, candles, incense, music (not mandatory), a special cloth to put on the table (if you have one), crystal, your own decorations, a notebook with a pen and of course the cards themselves. Let’s dive into more specifics:


Two white candles, or white and black candles (white candle on your left side, black candle on your right side. This symbolizes two pillars of the Sephirot Tree. If you are unfamiliar with the Sephirot Tree, simply imagine that the white and black candles balance each other, symbolizing the energy balance).

This is not a rule of thumb, though. You can light more than two candles, and they might be in different colors. This depends on your personal preferences. The candles themselves are not mandatory for tarot readings, but are recommended for cleansing and purification.


The crystal is used for the clarity of thought. It is recommended to use a natural mountain crystal, and specifically ball shaped crystal.


Your clothes should be comfortable and tidy. Performing a tarot spread is a ritual, and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Don’t wear old, worn out clothes. You should wear the clothes and jewelry that bring you inspiration.


You can choose any type of incense you like, under the condition that you won’t be distracted by it.


Tablecloth is recommended when performing spreads. Although not mandatory, it does create a certain atmosphere. The very least you can do is to clean the table before performing a spread.


This is not a requirement, but it does inspire many and can set the right mood for the tarot reading. It might distract when performing a spread to a querrent – so keep that in mind.

Notebook and pen

A notebook is needed in order to write down your tarot spreads. You need a notebook that will serve you for a long time. It is recommended to write down your thoughts, spreads and findings in such a way that you will be able to see who you made readings to, what was the issue, the date, and your own conclusions. This will make you much more organized and productive, and will act as an important reminder of certain details – should you forget anything.

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