Crisis Tarot Card Spread

1 12 years ago

This spread is based on the Five of Cups tarot card. Position 1 represents the three overturned cups in the card: “What has collapsed is over and gone”. Two full cups on the right side means “what has survived is the basis for the future” (position 2). The bridge shows the way out (position 3), and the mountain is the new target (position 4).

Meaning of each position

1 – What has collapsed is over and gone – is the crisis.

2 – What has survived is the basis for the future.

3 – The way out of the crisis.

4 – The future goal and a resort.

Cards interpretation

First find out what exactly has collapsed (Card 1), and what has survived (Card 2). If in the second position you got a favorable card, then everything is very simple. If the second card is problematic and difficult, then it most likely means that the way out of the crisis will not be easy, the process of a transformation is just beginning. In this situation it is necessary to understand the meaning of this card. At the end review the third card – the path which leads to the goal.


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