How to Perform a Tarot Spread

1 12 years ago

In order to perform a tarot spread, you should already have knowledge on what you need to prepare beforehand. Read about it in the Tarot Reading Preparation article. You might also want to read about how to ask questions properly.

Before actually performing a spread, you and your querrent should take a few moments and sit silently in order to relax and clear your thoughts. You should prepare yourself to simply be a guide for energies during a spread, as you cannot interfere or act from your own thoughts during a spread. It is expected of you to understand and give out an accurate interpretation of the cards.

If you happen to perform a spread to another person, sit him beside of yourself on the left (your right hand will be busy writing your notes and spreading the cards). Sitting the person next to you is done so that he will see the cards in the same perspective that you do, because you might need to explain reversed card meanings as well. It is quite important for the querrent to understand what you’re talking about.

Talk to your querrent and ask questions while shuffling your tarot card deck. After that, each tarolog opens the cards differently: some randomly open cards from the deck, some like to open from the top of the deck, some ask the querrent to choose the cards to be opened. Do as you prefer and what works best for you.

If you perform a spread on yourself, it is much simpler. You already know the positions, and you have your card deck in your hands. Choose whatever cards you want to open.

If you are searching for a certain spread to perform, we have a whole section for Tarot Card Spreads here.


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