How to Get Started With Tarot

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You’ve bought a brand new deck of tarot cards, and don’t know how to get started with tarot? That’s OK, this is why we try to provide with as much information as possible for beginners to get the hang of it, here on PaganGate.

So the first thing you need to understand is to trust yourself. When choosing a deck to buy – trust your feelings, when doing a tarot reading – trust your impressions. There’s no need to rush things. Even if you see your friend already doing readings after a week’s time, and you still haven’t got a clue – wait a bit, as it still doesn’t mean anything.

Remember that tarot cards answer your questions without nonsense, randomness and cheating – They always answer as is. Treat your tarot cards as an interesting, complex, multifunctional instrument. Each practitioner has a tarot deck set under his or her own world view. This doesn’t mean that you can risk your deck being compromised or spoiled if you choose to give it to someone. The personal setting of the deck is inside the practitioner’s mind and not on paper, because the deck serves as a tool or an instrument for your cause. Have in mind that the deck of cards can become “dirty” as any other instrument, if you treat it carelessly. You can read about cleaning your tarot deck here.

Before you start working with a tarot deck, make sure to study it. Look at each card and catch the feelings and emotions that come to you. If necessary, write them down – it is a very important and valuable information for you, and such material will be helpful in the future. Have a look at our Tarot Card Meanings section to read about the meaning of each card as well.

Write down your experiences and readings. The time of the reading, the questions, the values of the cards, the card positions, your interpretation and so on. This is an essential practice for your own development and for a better service to your querrents.

Tarot reading requires much practice on top of knowing the theory. Here are a few practical notes to those who don’t get to see the answers within the cards:

  • The wording of the question and the way it is asked is very important. It is best to ask very specific questions, with set conditions. Read more about How to Ask Questions.
  • Learn to trust yourself. After you’ve asked the question, performed the spread and took a look at the results, it is time to think about your feelings and intuition regarding the spread. After doing that, take a moment and try to explain the essence of the tarot spread in one sentence: it can be a phrase from a book, a verse from a song or something personal. Ultimately, this will be the answer to your question.
  • Since you’ve chosen to practice divination using tarot, know that you bear great responsibility for your thoughts and actions, much more than the average person. Tarot is not just a system of divination with pictures (ask a question – get an answer), it is an oracle, that will gradually change you in the process of the practice. Working with tarot cards is willing and accepting to be changed.

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