Tarot Spell to Empower Personal Magic

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  • High Priestess tarot card
  • Magician tarot card
  • Purple candle
  • Strand of your hair or a clipped nail
  • Duct tape

Light a purple candle during the growing moon and gather all of your inner personal power. Imagine how this power boils within you and rises, until it fully fills you. After that, take a High Priestess tarot card in your hand and say:

“You, who travels between worlds,
Spiritual and worldly, help me find
The skills to strengthen my magic,
And she will soar through these doors of space,
And bring me exactly what I ask
High Priestess, grant me my wish!”

Place the High Priestess card face down and take the Magician tarot card in your hand, saying:

“Ruler of air,
Of fire and sea, of earthly life,
Breathe new strength in my abilities,
So it would manifest itself as intended,
And would make me what I wish for,
Great Magician, hear my wish!”

Place the card face up on the High Priestess card, and press them together while gluing them in three corners with duct tape, to receive a form of a bag or a sachet. Put your strand of hair or your clipped nail inside the bag while saying:

“Back to back,
My strength increases between both,
With the great Magician
And the High Priestess of the moon and sun,
My magic increases higher,
To appear in daylight and in the dark of night,
Without causing harm to anyone, fly towards me,
So be it now and forever”.

Cover the last corner of the sachet with the tape and leave it beside the candle, until it burns completely. You have completed the spell and the creation of a tarot talisman, which you can keep on your altar or workspace when practicing magic or divination.


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