Magician Tarot Card

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The Magician card illustrates a person being whole – a magician, a personality that feels the connection of times, standing higher than everything and called for the improving of abilities and skills.

There are four objects before the magician: A magic wand, cup, sword and a pentacle. They symbolize the four directions, four seasons and four elements of fire, water, air and earth.

You are a free and independent person, you must make your own decisions. You have enough strength for everything.

Card Symbols

  • Pose
  • News
  • Red cloak
  • Snake belt
  • Staff
  • Infinity sign
  • Rectangular table
  • Tarot symbols on the table
  • Scarlet roses
  • White lilies
  • Number 1

Card Meaning

Will, mastery, agility, willingness to take risks and use your powers. Doing nothing and being careless is as bad and destructive as doing and wishing it.
Additional Card Meanings: Skill.

Reversed Card Meaning

In a reversed card position, the Magician resembles indecision, hesitation, disdainful attitude towards himself, the inability to use his talents and abilities, unwillingness to learn.


Believe in your abilities to cope with any obstacles in your life.


Don’t think that you can use all means necessary to achieve your goals.

Card of the Day

“No one but yourself, and never later except for right now!” – this is the slogan of your day.

Take initiative in your own hands. You have great common sense, you know what you want and you have the patience finish the things you start. If you are required to make a decision, know that today is the most suitable day to express your abilities and experience in their full power. Show what you are capable of, act freely with courage in all of your meetings and communications and everyone will be on your side, with help and support.

Card of the Year

This is a promising and successful year for you. It’s all in your hands and you can really enjoy its benefits. You can achieve new successes in a familiar area, or discover new areas of creativity and self realization, which will bring you satisfaction and joy in the future. You will have a chance to solve your old problems. Show everything you can and take initiative wherever possible. This is an active and prosperous year for you. You have luck on your side. It is possible that your personal and professional life wishes come true.

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