Getting Rid of Habits Tarot Spell

0 12 years ago

If you have certain small habits that you wish to get rid of, use the following tarot spell during waning moon for best effects.

Needed Cards

  • Devil tarot card
  • Death tarot card
  • Magician tarot card

Think about the problems that you habits and addictions cause you and what you can do to get rid of them, while holding the Devil tarot card in your hand. Imagine how you get rid of these habits and say the following:

“I will not hurt myself,
I am now the initiator and the creator,
I release myself from all these traps,
Which I have created on my own,
I tear my shackles and break free.
My life continues,
Because now I am free”.

Now take the Death tarot card and think about how to start a new life, while focusing on this idea. Imagine yourself completely free of bad habits, and say the following:

“Death came, and I am born again,
Freed from my addictive behavior,
Now I am free.
So be it, now and forever”.

Now it’s time to take the Magician tarot card and imagine that you have complete control over your life. Imagine that you’re changing and you now have the lifestyle that you wished of. Say the following:

“I am the master of my life,
I control all the stress the strife,
I have the power,
Who I will become later
Depends solely on me,
And only I can change myself”.

Place the cards together with their faces up, so that the Magician card is on top. Bend the cards into three and carry them with yourself. When your bad habit leaves you, burn the cards, and scatter the ashes in the wind.

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