High Priestess Tarot Card

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The High Priestess card illustrated a priestess, sitting on a doorway of the temple of Isis between two columns. Her face is covered with a veil as a sign of hiding the truth from the curious and the ignorant. The book on her lap is half hidden by her cloak, which symbolizes that the secrets are opened only to the wise who control themselves.

Don’t look for an explanation or justification for the decisions you take. Rely on your intuition. Don’t waste this power on daily trifles, appreciate every moment you have for yourself, turn to your inner voice. Keep your thoughts and feelings clear, be kind to others.

You shouldn’t intervene in ongoing processes. Have some patience and wait a bit, it will the way you plan it to. Should you decide to intervene, your goals must be clear or else you run the risk of punishing yourself.

Card Symbols

  • Veil
  • Black and white columns
  • The letters B and J
  • Position between two columns
  • Torah scroll
  • Crown which consists of three moon phases
  • Pomegranate fruits
  • Number 2

Card Meaning

Intuition and creative powers.
Additional Card Meaning: Knowledge.

Reversed Card Meaning

Lack of insight and foresight, lack of understanding of the opposite sex. It is a symbol of higher knowledge, sometimes arrogance and conceit, a warning of impending danger.


Trust your inner voice.


Don’t go with the rest of the herd, hoping for a miracle to happen.

Card of the Day

Take this day as something that is needed and given, be quiet and observe what happens without waiting for something specific. Let everything run its course, only intervening when requested by your inner voice. If you don’t have any obligations, try to watch yourself with friendly attention: the things you do, the things you don’t do, the things you think about, the things that draw your attention. Don’t force yourself to sit still, follow your inner desires. You will then be surprised to understand that the day that was promised to be so empty and dull will turn out to be full of interesting events. Pay careful attention to dreams which you might see during this day. They might have an important meaning.

Card of the Year

This year is filled with mysteries. If you are willing to follow the “guidance from above”, then this year will not only bring rich and unforgettable experiences, but also wake your hidden abilities that might look beyond reality. Rely on your intuition. Listen to your inner voice, and in the right time it will lead you to the right place and to the right people. This is a year of passive acceptance of everything that happens, it may be extremely interesting and full of surprises, especially if you still prefer to actively intervene in what is happening. You might want to consider writing a diary of your dreams, to better understand the meanings and the messages that your subconscious is trying to deliver you.

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