Color Symbolism in Voodoo Dolls

2 years ago

The choice of clothing for Voodoo dolls is not made out of decorative or aesthetic reasons. Each color has a meaning and symbolizes certain things, and it gives certain power to your doll when dressed. If the material of the doll clothing doesn’t have any special meaning, you should at least pay careful attention to the color of the clothing.

Voodoo Dolls

Colors and their meanings

? Yellow: success, understanding, attractiveness, confidence.
? White: peace, security, cleanliness, health, honesty, sincerity, protection from rumors.
? Red: power, energy, love, health, passion.
? Purple: spirituality, physical and spiritual healing, strength, wisdom, contact with spirits, psychic sense, resistance to black magic.
? Green: money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, fertility, luck, health, generosity, rebirth.
? Blue: love, the color of Marie Laveau.
? Indigo: sacred color, removing evil.
? Pink: love, affection, honor, dedication, unity, kindness, happiness, luck, friendship, morality.
? Black: transfiguration, removal of bad habits, grief, strife, poverty, confusion, bad luck. Fully black colored dolls are used in black magic.
? Brown: doubt, indecision, uncertainty.
? Gray: termination, a stalemate situation.
? Orange: success, support, rapid adaptation.


  1. Maria

    Just be careful the victim is not a witch.Because you might not know what kind of defense magic they have in place.Then it becomes a battle of the witches.

  2. Scott HANS Florance

    Hello dear Sir ,,, Give cute pet Bunny Rabbit with a large open sky nature park. Place 3 cabin/shacks on the property–made just for samall wild animals. Place 3 large coat clothing jackets in each cabin. Beloved Bunny shouted to Mars above, ((You can’t take the sky from me!!)) And promise there will be NO [Cruel and unuesal bizare unhuman punishment!

  3. Jw

    Can you use multiple colors in making a voodoo doll?

  4. Mary

    I used the black colored cloth and made a voodoo. I was so sad,emotionally affected by my ex. So I took one of his stuff, a black candle and a revenge spell just to give him a lesson not to hurt me again. I performed it in the middle of the night at exactly 12 a.m. and I poured down some black candles after chanting the spell. He returned but he told me something happens to him. My spells always works if I wanted too.

  5. F?tima

    Hi, some years ago my mom bought me a kind of voodoo doll in a market of the street because I like it, its a black doll with white button eyes and like red and yellow strings, I’m not sure if its a voodoo doll but the meaning of the color is really similar of the issues that I and my family have, should I get rid of it? If I should, how?

  6. Gen

    17 years ago I began collecting voodoo dolls. I don’t know why, I just took a liking to them. Now so many years later it finally dawned on me how incredibly stupid I was to do such a thing without putting any thought in to what effect they would have on my life. I still love these dolls and I dont want to take them out and bury them but more and more I think it is best. I have a doll from Africa he is carved of wood and his body is made of stuffed burlap that has always wreaked of fire and it has “kilos” written in black ink on the burlap. He is brown hand sewn with thick string and stuffed. I have two all black one man one woman, black material stuffed wi th some kind of grass and they both have real hair the woman is smiling she has a feather skirt and shell jewelry but she holds sharp wooden stakes in her hands. The man has a skirt made.of bark and he has a small leather bag containing tiny bones. he wears bones and he has a scowl on his face. his face is painted white circles around his eyes and red around his.mouth. his hair is gray and he holds sharp stakes in his hands.
    Another is a tall all black doll with a smiling red mouth and tatttered pants and shirt
    pants are green and shirt is stuffed with hay. I named him Jim, after a character in Huckleberry Fin because he looks to be a slave.
    Another is an apple head that is black and sticky with fine white human hair like an old woman. hand sewn one piece bloomers stuffed body and wooden arms and shoes. pins in her back . Jim has pins holding his clothes together. the two black dolls don’t have pins. The male one seems to have an evil eye lately.
    and yes it goes without saying that in my life good has happened only to be followed by terrible things. my life has been filled with so much grief and pain.
    How do i get rid.of the bad luck and will it be gone if I bury the dolls? I feel like Im gonna bury a beloved pet or something what is wrong with me ?

  7. Gus Hurst

    What is a cross with lines all around it on forehead of voodoo doll my 12 year old drew

  8. Rox

    I have tingling sensations and pokes in my legs and feet. I have an experience of all those colours around me – Also crawling all over my skin…???

  9. Caitlyn

    Okay so…is it chill to make one of these just for decoration? …I think they’re cute but I don’t wanna curse myself or something :(

  10. Vonna

    My cousin’s moved out of my house over the weekend. I found a black gris-gris bag with silver inlay on it on top of her dresser. What does the bag represent? Good or evil? What should I do?

    • Jenn

      Gris-gris bags are neutral, they are used for protection against other spells or curses. The person who makes them selects items that have meaning in that particular case and can wear the bag on their ankle or they can leave it in an honored place in the home. The bag is often sewn shut with blue thread to ward off evil eye.

  11. marie

    Hello, I am new at this and i have so many questions. I have always been in to white magic but always scared that something was going to come back to me as karma. i just got a voodoo doll as a gift and i dont know anything about it. i dont want to harm anyone but i would like wealth and health for me. can anyone tell me what i should do. and there is one more thing i would love to do is to talk to my brother that has passed away. i know i need to watch what i do so i dont get a daemonic spirit around. please feel free to email me thank you

  12. Crystal

    The other day at work I found a small draw sting bag about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide it was red with a white cross stitched into it and when I opened it up I found a brown/black doll looking thing smashed up with white and red thread around it it was covered in saran wrap what does this mean is it a voodoo doll? If so is it suppose to be good or bad?

  13. alex

    I recently just received a lycan in appearence voodoo doll that came with 7 red pins. It’s supposed to have this curse that is applied . If anyone knows how to do it and what to do please email

  14. Arthur

    Hello I worship satan and I would like to understand how to use his power to curse someone for death please email me if you have any information that could be useful … Hale satan

    • jesus

      why worship satan jesus is god if u worship satan u will go hell if u worship jesus u will go heaven dont curse love and pray becauase your enemy will love u back who knows u might become friends jesus loves u he lovea everyone satan hurts us through jesus creation my friend i challenge u to pray to jesus at least one time for something and he will give u everything u need thank u amen

      • Raven

        Ok first of all why are you on this website specifically for witches YOu are a christian preaching to the wrong people. Go and preach to someone who cares what your saying I myself am a satanic witch if i choose or anyo e else chooses to perfom black magic that is their choice and free will stop imposing your beliefs on others i just dont understand why you are on this website when you know this is for witches.

    • Matthew
    • Raven

      Hello my fellow brother of satan use a black colored poppet and fill poppet with chili peppers, black pepper and sulpher and a photograph or a lock of this persons hair will do.

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  16. Monique

    Looking to make my dolls stronger

  17. mackati samedi

    how can I talk with my voodoo doll

  18. eduardo

    i found a block doll that was made of black hair i tried to burn it in a small can and it looked like it wanted to crawl out i haven’t touched it , but while burning it it made some awful noises

  19. jj

    I found 2 dolls pinned together. one black and one red. the red one had real hair on top and names of 5 girls wriiten on it. they were both pinned and bound together. they had no faces and were found wrapped in a black blanket.what does this mean? the pins were in sets of 3 except for the head.

  20. scotty

    hey i have just recently started taking interests in voodoo dolls and spells and such and would love to have someone to talk about this stuff with or tell me about there experienceses i just made my first doll last night myself so yeah help give me advice anything would be appriciated thank you.

  21. Taylor

    i recently have obtained a very authentic voodoo doll from New Orleans i know what the colors symbolize but there are flowers of its head with leather does the flowers symbolize anything if so what kind are they and he also came with a peace of leather with some 2 letters or symbols on it and i want to know what they mean of represent one more thing he also came with a small green hand tired around his waste what does the hand mean???? some one plz help i am curious to know