Corn Voodoo Doll

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Making a Voodoo doll out of corn leaves is one of the cheapest methods in places like Louisiana and New Orleans, where corn leaves are amongst the cheapest raw materials found.

In order to create a corn Voodoo doll, there is a need for corn leaves, plain paper and a strong rope. It might take you some time to prepare the Voodoo doll, longer than it would take to make other types of dolls, but there’s corn dolls are not complicated and easy to make.

The first step is to dry the corn leaves and soak them in water to such an extent that they are easy to bend without kinks. Lay the plain paper on which you are going to work (the process itself will be wet and dirty), and choose five of the best leaves you have. If you find some leaves with holes or brown spots, set them aside temporarily, as you will need them in soon.

Combine the ends of three leaves together, tie them with a rope (you can use a rubber band) and move the construction inside out, so that space will be available on top for mounting the head of the doll. The head can be made out of a ball of paper, cloth, threads or twisted corn leaves. It is mounted on top where the corn leaves where tied.

Now take one of the corn leaves that contain holes or brown spots, and cut it into three equal parts, tie them in one end and twist them into a tight tube. After this, tie the other end. This will serve as hands for the doll. Tie the hands under the head.

Take the last corn leaf and cut it in half. Place each one of the strips on the doll’s shoulders, in such a way that will cross the waist level. Tie a belt with a rope, and the doll is complete.

If you don’t like the doll’s “skirt”, you can split the lower ends of the leaves and connect them both so that the doll will have a more masculine figure. Keep in mind that this type of voodoo doll has no legs.


  1. Pagan Priestess~

    I made a corn doll thatz my fave….she has a long skirt & long cornsilk hair!

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