Ace of Wands Tarot Card

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Ace of Wands card represents the full order and all principles in all spheres. This card is also an indicator of good potential, which is necessary to develop.

The Ace of Wands indicates the presence of features such as discipline, good education, hard work, passion for cleanliness and order. Such a person often has unique organizational skills, full deliberation and awareness of his actions, and a strong desire for self-realization.

If this card happens to appear during a tarot spread, the Ace of Wands promises indispensable success, but most likely it will not be as fast as you would like. This kind of success needs to be earned by hard work and correct decisions, which sometimes can be quite risky.

In the relation to the Major Arcana, this card has the ability to enhance their good influence on all other cards in the spread, and to smooth a bit the influence of bad cards.

Card Symbols

  • Hand of the Creator
  • Staff
  • 10 growing leaves
  • 8 falling leaves
  • Green landscape
  • Mountain
  • Number and an element

Card Meaning

Creative innovation, venture and sometimes travel. A new page in affairs, projects, an internal lift. Ideas that require implementation. The situation that surrounds you, offers you to try yourself in a specific case. Sometimes – a birth of a child. Energy, force.
Additional Card Meanings: Source, good luck.

Reversed Card Meaning

Hesitation, fear that your ideas will be rejected, an attempt to embody an immature idea, lack of preparation. Selfishness and childishness don’t allow you to make the right choice of your way. Dead-end direction, it is necessary to understand yourself.


Demonstrate initiative and move forward.


Don’t be enthusiastic, impatient or arrogant.

Card of the Day

Today you have enough energy to handle a new matter or to finish an old one. Whatever the task is in front of you, handle it with confidence and optimism. Your indifferent attitude towards it will attract other people and might help fill the interpersonal relationships with a new life. Be prepared for the unexpected and any new information, to use at any chance you’ll have.

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