Four Elements by Moriah

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Our Earth is beautiful and rare. We have been to the moon and looked at other planets with technology beyond my comprehension and seen that our home is the only one discovered that is so beautiful and lush. The Goddess and the God have done well for us by giving us this as a place to dwell. We should all show our gratitude by keeping it beautiful and respecting all. Plant a tree, Clean up a lake shore, feed the wildlife? We should as a nature based religion do all we can to preserve the wonders bestowed on us.


Fire is associated with the east and with good reason. The east is where we meet out warm and life giving Sun each morning. If you have ever sat, eyes closed and relaxed, in the early morning sun You probably felt rejuvenated and refreshed. Fire (heat) is transforming. It turns cake batter into cake, marshmallows into s?mores, and soft clay into statues. This is all in our physical world? just imagine what the energy of the fire element can do for your spiritual development. I encourage you to spend some time each day soaking in the sun?s rays for a week and see if you do not feel more energized and confident.


Without air we would die. We must have air in our lungs to continue this life. When we breathe our last we are gone. Air is not only for breathing. Messages and sounds are transmitted on it. It is an element with many qualities that are imperative to life as we know it. Enjoy it. Feel it on your face as you meditate and thank the God and Goddess for supplying it in abundance for us.


Ever notice how soothing water is to mind, body and spirit? Water is used for countless different things and in countless religions the world over. Water is cleansing. We bathe in it, we relax in it. It is one of the few ways we can experience physical floating. The sound of a babbling brook or the rain on the roof is a couple of the most popular sounds to meditate and relax to. Our bodies are more water than anything so it is an element that we carry with us everywhere we go. Without it we would not be.

Water is essential to our existence and we should be thankful to the God and Goddess for supplying us with so much of it. When possible I urge you to find a lake or stream to just sit at the edge and focus your attention on it. Let your mind relax to the soothing sounds that it makes. Dip your hands and feet in it and feel the cool, refreshing, invigorating calm that it offers you. Try to imagine life without it and then Offer thanks to the God and Goddess for the blessing of this basic yet extraordinary element.


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    Hey, just popping in to say, your articles aren?t unnoticed! They have helped me a lot throughout my Wiccan journey, just as I?m sure they?ve helped others ^^

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