Magic Wand

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Wands are ancient magical tools, which have been used in ceremonies for thousands of years. Wands, wooden sticks, canes and staffs were used throughout history by shamans, healers, African sorcerers, Native Americans, Egyptians, Druids, priests, sages and mages. While it isn’t a mandatory tool when performing magic rituals, its strength and presence are undeniable. The wand is originally a tool to invoke the spirits and cast spells. Its element is fire (though in some traditions it is considered as air) and symbolizes the vitality of the witches. Wands are used to manage energy, drawing magic symbols in the air and land, mixing potions in a cauldron and is also useful in the psychological sphere. Hazel wood is considered best for making magic wands, although ash, rowan and willow are also very good. Traditional types of trees for wand crafting are willow, oak, apple, cherry, peach and walnut, among others. Some wands are made out of crystal, silver, ivory and even gold.

A magic wand is usually about 45cm in length, while some witches use wands the length of 50cm, others use wands with a length equals to the distance from the elbow to the end of the middle finger – this is the recommended length of a wand. Simple pieces of wood can be used as wands. Witches the do not use an athame, use a wand instead.

Wand Properties


  • Element: Fire or air
  • Gender: Male
  • Direction: East



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