How to Create a Wiccan Magic Circle

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One of the main techniques for preparing Wiccan rituals and ceremonies is creating a magic circle, where magic can be practiced inside. The traditional Wiccan magic circle is created around an altar and its boundaries are marked with an athame, a wand or a sword. Four segments and their respective elements are needed to guard and guide the flow of the ritual. The summoned energy is formed and released for its purpose with the help of spells. Wiccan instruments such as candles, rocks and amulets are part of the magic associated with the circle. When a ritual ends, the four elements stop working and the circle disappears.

Upon drawing the circle, there is no need for any instruments except for your own power of will, intent and inner feelings of the magical energy. The experience in creating a traditional protective magic circle will help you in practicing magic and techniques, especially when you find yourself far away from the standard tools and altar.

All the needed instruments are located within ourselves. Your hand is the athame, or a magic wand or a sword. Your heart is a chalice. Your body is a pentagram. If you don’t happen to have instruments for any reason, do not hold yourself from practicing magic. Start your practicing with turning yourself to the north or the east. Some prefer east because of the energy that comes from sunrise, other prefer the north because of the magnetic energy of the north pole. If you are performing the circle in the southern countries of the world, it is better to face the south and turn counter-clockwise in order to remain in harmony with the energy of the south.

Start moving and speak loudly, as accustomed in the traditional ritual, but when you only start your practice, it might be easier to use the power of thought instead of talking out loud. The most important thing is your intent. Your magical energy will flow only with dedicated intention. When you master this, try to perform a ritual while in light meditative state, without the use of instruments, with open eyes while moving and speaking loudly.

Ideally, before drawing a circle you need to purify the space using a spell. Traditional space is purified with the help of incense, fire, salt, water or a broom, but for the purpose of practicing instant magic, we use clean energy and intention. While in a meditative state, purify the space and stand facing the appropriate direction and imagine a big ball of light in front of you. The traditional circle is about 2.5 to 3 meters in diameter, thus the ball of light should be about 1.3 to 1.5 meters from you, assuming you are standing in the center of the circle. The light can be crystal-white, electric-blue or purple. Use the type of light that best suits you. While the ritual is being commenced, the light can change on its own.

Using your power of will and the power that runs through your magic wand, move the ball of light around yourself in a clockwise fashion. Let the light leave a trail, creating a glowing ring around you. Consider your back more seriously, because the aura often gets weakened if you do not pay attention to your back, which is symbolically your past. The practitioner should be located at the center of the circle and feel all the space around.

Repeat this procedure three times in order to create a magic circle around yourself. Each time this circle can be in a different color.

The Four Elements

Focus on the intention to create a scared place and to block all unwanted influences. Move between the worlds while creating your own miniature universe for the practice of your magic. Now tighten the circle with the energy of the four elements.

Move your attention towards the north. Feel the energy of earth. Traditionally it is perceived as cool and dry. Density is its main manifesting force. It is your body and your world. Feel this energy. Invite it to your circle so that it will protect you and your magic.

When you feel this energy and let it in, forward your attention to the east. You don’t need to physically turn if you don’t want to. Sometimes it can ruin everything. Feel the energy of the fire element, perceived as warm and dry. The energy is active and dynamic. Changeable and transformable. It is passion, depth and soul. Feel this energy inside and around yourself. Invite it to your circle so that it will protect you and your magic.

Now forward your attention to the south. Feel the energy of the air element inside of you. The air is not only for breathing, but also the mind, intellect, the power of transferring information. The air is warm and humid, it brings thought and sound. Feel this element as part of yourself and part of the energy in the world. We all breath the same air. Invite the energy of the air to your circle so that it will protect you and your magic.

Now we bring our attention to the west. Feel the energy of the water element, the power of life and love. Water is stream of energy that is vital to us, it is perceived as cool and humid, loving and nourishing, strong and purifying. Feel the water from which our body is made of, and the emotions that permeate your being. Invite the energy of water to your circle so that it will protect you and your magic.

Finally, bring your attention towards the center. Feel the power of the Gods inside of you. Feel the source of everything, the Great Spirit. Turn to the Goddess and God so that they will be present in your circle and let their presence be known. Turn to your heart and mind so that all your actions in this sacred circle will be in accordance and consent with the Gods will, without hurting anyone.

Practice Inside the Circle

Any Wiccan magic can be practiced in such a circle. You can perform various spells and other deep meditation techniques for your purposes. In order to start, say the following:

“I, (your name), ask you in the name of the Goddess, the God and the Great Spirit to (your request here).
I thank the Goddess, the God and the Great Spirit and ask to grant these wishes in sake of greater good, without doing harm to anyone. So be it!”

The magic circle is not exclusively for casting or practicing spells. You can simply meditate, communicate with the Gods or simply enjoy the moment. However, if you decide to cast spells, you need to release their energy. To release the energy, imagine sending the energy and your intentions away from the circle by a burst of energy. This is done by raising your hands up to the sky while vibrating them. You can perform three spells inside the traditional magic circle, given that it is not weakened for any reason.

Closing the Gates

When you finish, you must close the gates to the other worlds and the circle itself. This is important, because if not performed – your personal energy could lose its balance, as the energy of your surroundings.

Forward your attention to the north. Slowly thank the energy of the earth element and release it. Stay on the intention to close the gates. Feel how the energy of earth is returned. Afterwards, turn your attention towards the west, turning counter-clockwise to give the magical space to destroy itself and return to its normal state. Moving counter clockwise completes the ritual, and is also known as moving towards the sun.

In the west you should slowly thank the energy of the water element and release it. Stay on the intention to close the gates. Feel how the energy of water is returned.

Attention to the south, slowly thanking the energy of the air element and release it. Stay on the intention to close the gates. Feel how the energy of air is returned.

Now turn towards the east. Slowly thank the energy of the fire element and release it. Stay on the intention to close the gates. feel how the energy of fire is returned.

At the center of the circle, thank the Gods and spirits which you have summoned. Finally, say the following to complete and end the ritual:

“I thank all the spirits of ideal love and ideal faith. Stay, if you shall, and leave if you must. Greetings and Farewell.”

And so, the ritual and the magic circle is finally complete.


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