Magic of the Elements

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Ancient wisdom says that the elements represent the energy in our world. Every aspect of magic use the element sources, whether being aware or not. For example, when we light a candle, we work with the energy of fire. Incense brings the energy of air. There are many other examples, which only symbolizes the importance of of paying attention to the elements when practicing magic.

The Earth Element

The element of earth is very close to our home because it actually is our home. Earth is not necessarily a physical form such as land, sand or mud. it has other spiritual meanings – stability, solidity and reliability.

The earth can be considered as the foundation of all elements. It is on earth where most parts of life occur and happen. We work with earth on a daily basis, when we sleep or eat, when we listen to the sounds of nature or enjoy the silence of the night. Earth is wealth and fertility. This is the physical element that holds all other elements on it, as well as all living things. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist without the earth.

In magical practice, the earth rules all spells and rituals that have to do with work, business, money, wealth, prosperity and so on. The rituals for the earth element can be as simple as burying an object in the ground, taking a walk in the countryside or drawing on the dirt.

The earth is a female’s element. This is the reason for its connection to fertility. Such qualities make many civilizations around the world to worship the earth and to treat it as the creator of all life, naming it Mother Earth.

Earth rules the north because it’s always cold and dark there. Earth’s color is green, the color of plants and fields. Earth’s time of the year is winter.

Earth rules magic of stones, trees and knots. This element symbolizes stability and calmness. It can manifest itself in the soil, sand, stones and plants. Earth element also appears in the magical pentagram sign. The energy of earth can be handy when casting money or protection spells.

The direction of the earth element is to the north.

The Air Element

Air is the element of intelligence, the kingdom of thoughts, anticipation and creativity.

The air speaks the language of magic, it is clean and unordered, a simple visualization that becomes a powerful instrument for changes. The air is also movement, a stimulator for visualization. It rules spells and rituals that have to do with travel, knowledge, discoveries, freedom and so on. Air can also be used to open up new psychological abilities within yourself.

Air elemental spells are usually accompanied by throwing something from a cliff or some other high place, so that the object would physically connect with the element. The air is a male’s element. It is dry, expansive and active. This element helps discuss, think and teach. Air rules the east because it is the side of sunrise and wisdom. Air’s color is yellow, the color of the sun. Air’s season is spring.

The element of air is the carrier of ideas, inspiration and news. To simply add the element to your magic, do so by burning incense or by performing your rituals on a hill. Trees also contain the element of air inside of them. This element is usually used to make your wishes be heard and to cleanse the mind.

The direction of the air element is to the east.

The Fire Element

Fire is an element of change, desire and passion. In a certain sense, the fire element contains all magic within itself, because the whole meaning of magic lies in changes. The magic of fire could scare, although its results are always captivating and appear quickly. The fire element is not for cowards.

Fire is the realm of sexuality and passion. It is the spark of spirituality in all living things. It is the most spiritual and most physical element of the four. Rituals of fire are considered rituals of energy, power, sex, healing, destruction (bad habits or illnesses), cleansing, development and so on. Fire rituals often include the burning of pictures, herbs or other things which are able to burn and the use of candles.

Fire is a male’s element. Its direction is to the south, because it’s warmer than all other directions. The element’s season is summer, and its color is red. The fire element controls the magic of candles.

The flame of a fire brings energy, strength and passion when performing magic. It is used mainly in the magic of candles.

The Water Element

Water cleanses and heals, and is associated with emotions. In order to bring the energy of water to your magic, place a small jar of water on your altar. Water element is good for mental work, love, purification and healing. Its direction is to the west.

Water is the element of purity, love, emotions and the subconscious. Just as water is constantly flowing and changing, emotions cannot remain in one state for long and are in constant motion. This element symbolizes the subconscious mind because it never goes to sleep, it’s always in motion, just as the sea that never stops. The magic of water is used for fun, friendship, marriage, wealth, happiness, care, leisure, dreams and so on.

Water is a female’s element. The color of this element is blue, and the season is autumn. The water element’s direction is to the west. Water magic is directly connected with mirrors, the sea and rain.

Summary of Elements

The table below summarizes the important characteristics of each of the four elements.



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