The Broom

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The broom (also known as a besom) is a very important magical instrument, which was mentioned many times in European folklore. It is used to sweep away all the negative energies from your space, be it a magic circle, a room or your whole apartment. Although brooms have been associated with witches in the past, they have been and are being used by millions of people for simple home cleaning every day.

The broom sweeps away all the bad energies in its path only if the sweeping is done from east to west. It is not necessary for the broom to physically touch the surface or ground when sweeping. When performing sweeping, the person visualizes the removal of negative energies and cleans the space so that rituals and ceremonies could be performed.

The broom as a magical tool is devoted to both the Goddess and the God. The element associated with the broom is Water. This is the reason why the broom is often used for casting spells with the use of water.

There are a lot of Wiccan practitioners that collect all sorts of brooms. Due to the vast amount of variety and exotic usage, collecting brooms has become a prominent hobby. Apart from such hobbies, the broom is also used in Wiccan traditions during engagement, where the bride and the groom jump over the broom during the ceremony.

Many ancient spells make use of and mention the broom. Overall, the broom is considered a cleaning and protective instrument, which is used for preparation of a magic circle or different sorts of rituals. Brooms are also used as guardians of the house, by placing them on doors, under beds and under the windows. Placing a broom under the pillow is said to give good and pleasant dreams.


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