Plan Tarot Card Spread

1 12 years ago

The Plan tarot spread allows to evaluate whether your concEIved plan is feasible, and how to act in order to achieve it. For such a spread, you will need five tarot cards.


Meaning of each position

1 – “Signifying card”: This card describes your whole plan or underlines the important details of your plan.
2 – The person’s motive
3 – Interference or help from outside.
4 – This is how your plan won’t succeed.
5 – This is how your plan will succeed.

Cards interpretation

Start with position (1) in order to find out how the tarot cards characterize your plan or some of its important details. Go on with card position (2) that will show how the motive drives the querrent. Position (3) shows the reaction of the environment, be it support or resistance. Last two cards (4) and (5) which are the most important positions in this spread, show a warning of what not to do, and an advice on what to actually do.


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