Moon Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a big shining moon above a road with two large pillars on each side. The moon has a frowning facial expression. A wolf and a dog howl at the moon, and a crayfish slowly creeps between them. The animals are an embodiment of human qualities such as: impulses of the soul (dog), cruelty (wolf) and a tendency to hide or conceal feelings (crayfish).

In the divine world this card is an expression of an infinite abyss, in the physical world it means frustration, confusion or secret enemies.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Moon card shows that this person’s soul is full of doubts and contradictions. This person is very close to know the truth, but he’s dread to cross the threshold. He’s wandering in the twilight of his soul, not able to find the correct path. This is the time when his deepest instincts wake up, many of which were unknown to him up until now. The Moon tarot card indicates an absence of clearly defined goals and objectives in life. This is an evidence of isolation, inability to express feelings, tendency to melancholy and exaggerating the unpleasant aspects of life.

However, this is not always a reason for frustration, because sometimes this sort of chaos can bring completely unexpected solutions. This card also may warn of a possible fraud or conspiracy against you. Whether you like it or not, in order to overcome upcoming crisis, you will need the help of others.

Card Symbols

  • Frowning facial expression of a moon
  • 15 drops of lunar dew
  • Crayfish crawling into the beach
  • Two pillars
  • Dog
  • Wolf
  • Road
  • Number 18

Card Meaning

Illusion, stagnation of creativity, fragile character, and sometimes highly developed intuition.
Additional Card Meanings: Failure, occult powers, uncertainty.

Reversed Card Meaning

Fraud, meanness, symbol of meaningless actions, inability to distinguish truth from falsehood, and dissatisfaction with life.


Overcome your fears and overstep the threshold of the unknown.


Don’t wander in the darkness or don’t go into the world of illusions and hallucinations, so you won’t stumble in front of the threshold.

Card of the Day

You might have a bad dream, or for some other reason this day won’t seem good to you. Don’t let these ghosts scare you. Even if you have bad mood because you have a difficult or unpleasant task today, a conversation or a meeting, don’t try to avoid them. Remember that on the other side of this threshold of fear, there is something new and important, so you need to gather the courage to cross the threshold. Face this day as it is and go forward cautiously, but steadily, in spite of all fears. At the end of the day you will be surprised to find how much you’d achieved.

Card of the Year

This year you’ll face a difficult path to a new and unexplored country lying beyond the threshold of fear. With a little luck the result will exceed your expectations. But the path to it leads through an enchanted forest, where you might get lost. So don’t be afraid or scared of ghosts, even if they will hunt you in nightmares. Don’t underestimate the difficulties which await you. Just soberly calculate the risks and don’t lose the presence of mind. Carefully consider all the steps and do the business gradually, but decidedly. Don’t indulge in any hopeless despair or unnecessary heroism.

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