Devil Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a prince of darkness, Baphomet, sitting above two human demons, which are bound in chains at his feet. If this card happens to appear in a tarot spread, it means that you are following a wrong path or that you are under the influence of your bad side of personality, which means negative and devastating impact on you.

Do you think that the devil took over your soul? And that you can’t escape? Look at the card and you’ll see that you can always free yourself from chains, whatever they mean: licentiousness, alcoholism, gambling or bad habits.

The Devil card indicates a test. Can you cope with a difficult situation and which tools will you use? Devil is a hint: you are tempted, but what exactly is the temptation you’ll have to find by yourself. The card shows that your current most important goals aren’t spiritual and that you crave exclusively for something material.

Will you achieve your desired goal or not only the adjacent cards can tell. You also shouldn’t forget one important rule – by achieving material well-being and not rising at the same time to spiritual levels, you might be at risk to gradually go much lower than you are right now. This card suggests that the goals you’re pursuing are false and you should abandon them now while you still can. You shouldn’t, however, perceive this as a threat – it’s just a warning of fate.

On the other hand, sometimes the appearance of this card in a tarot spread suggests that the goal is in fact achievable, but before you reach the shore safely, you should test yourself. And only if you successfully avoid all traps of destiny, you’ll be rewarded with a successful resolution for your case.

Card Symbols

  • Baphomet
  • Naked man and woman with horns and tails
  • Chains
  • Burning Mace
  • Bat wings
  • Prostrate hand
  • Reversed pentagram
  • Number 15

Card Meaning

Thirst for prosperity, success and fame.
Additional Card Meanings: Doom, connectedness, materialism.

Reversed Card Meaning

Improper use of power and a desire for material things only. Next to good cards, the Devil card may mean a degeneration of partnership into sex based relationship without the slightest signs of love, or profitable business and greed.


Bring a ray of light into the darkness.


Resist the temptation to change your principles, don’t get confused in relationships with others, and don’t get involved in dirty business or a struggle for power.

Card of the Day

Today you’ll probably have to face the dark side of your character. You may be tempted to an indiscretion or to act against your principles. It may also be a sudden inner urge, which you were unaware of (or at least thought you overcame it already), such as: envy, jealousy, greed or lust for power. Don’t get mad at yourself for it or blame others, and don’t try to suppress it. Use the situation to bring a ray of light into the darkest part of your soul – be aware of yourself and find out what was the cause for this sudden urge.

Card of the Year

This year you’ll have to “clean up your basement”. You might find something you didn’t expect. “Basement” in this case – is a dark, shady area of our personality, which keeps forcing us to do things, which we later regret. You have a period of 12 months to realize and learn about this dark side of yours. What is required of you is to quit looking for scapegoats, and think how you got yourself into another “demonic” situation like this. Try to determine the true scales of your intemperance. Make a list of the most uncomfortable and least favorite aspects of your soul. Put these shadows in their proper place and find out for yourself when and how to respond to their impulses, so that they do not exceed your acceptable lines.

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