Three Cards Tarot Spread

0 12 years ago

One of the simplest and most known tarot spreads is the Three Cards spread. With the use of three tarot cards spread out in a row, this spread can be used to answer questions regarding time or understanding yourself and your desires.

Meaning of each position & interpretation

1 – Physical state

2 – Mental state

3 – Spiritual state

The first card characterizes the physical state of the person and his health. The second card shows the person’s mental state and the person’s world view and his priorities. The final card tells about the person’s spiritual state. You should certainly pay attention to the interaction between the (1) and (2) cards and how they connect with the third card, to understand if the person is on the correct path in life.

Alternative meaning of positions & interpretation

1 – Past

2 – Present

3 – Future

In this alternative, the positions indicate time periods. The first card indicates significant moments of the past, which affect the present situation. The second card clarifies the present and the third card shows a possible scenario in the future.