Litha Ritual for Success

0 12 years ago

This Litha Sabbat ritual is performed in order to help you succeed in something particular. The Wiccan ritual should be carried out in the afternoon, preferably somewhere in nature, on higher ground (this is not mandatory, you can perform this ritual at home as well).


  • Golden candle
  • 5 different golden items or objects
  • Key
  • Ring (can be golden as well)
  • Jug of juice (orange, pumpkin)
  • Golden dish with summer herbs (parsley, dill, celery)
  • Knife

Draw an invoking pentagram on the ground, starting from the northern point. Place the golden candle in the center of the pentagram, and place all five items or objects on each of the pentagram’s corners. Light the candle and say the following:

“Bright summer sun, shining in full power in this midday hour. Fill me with light and joy, let me reach my goal”

Pick the key and move it 9 times in a clockwise direction around the flame of the candle, while saying:

“The key of the sun, show me the door to the golden future”

Put the key away and pick up the ring, doing the same movement 9 times around the candle flame, saying:

“Ring of sparkling colors, help me succeed!”

Put the ring away and take the jug of juice and do the same motion 9 times around the flame, while saying:

“Jug of the golden sun, fill me with desire to succeed!”

Drink a bit of juice and place the jug back to its place. Take the golden dish with herbs and sprinkle a pinch on the flame, saying:

“Scents of the sun, let your fragrance carry my thoughts to the universe, where they will bring fruit”

Now take the knife and do the same movement 9 times around the flame, while saying the following:

“Golden blade of the sun, cut away my doubt and the obstacles that I encounter on the road to success”

Extinguish the candle with the closing words:

“Golden fire, the power of the sun, warm and illuminate my path!”

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