Judgement Tarot Card

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The card illustrates an angel trumpeting the coming of Judgment Day. At the bottom people rise from graves and spread their hands towards the angel. Don’t be afraid too much of this card, because it is a symbol of things to come, good or bad – it depends on you. In any case, change is inevitable and resistance to it may lead to negative results. On the other hand, if you accept the changes, it may lead to very good results.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Judgement card indicates that this person has a restless character, always hungry for a change. Unfortunately, such a person can involve other people in his plans – his “hobby” is to bring shock and turmoil into the lives of those with whom he confronts. However, in the presence of favorable adjacent cards this card has a positive connotation – this person is creative and proactive, not inclined to wait for the mercy of fate, and ready to meet his destiny in any matter to improve his life. He?s always updated with the latest news and happy to share them with others. By nature he is a compassionate person.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a specific situation, the Judgement card means a change for the better. You might celebrate your long-standing desire or life in general will move to a higher level of well-being, both spiritual and material. It can also mean a pleasant surprise in the near future.

Card Symbols

  • Angel blowing a trumpet
  • White flag bearing a red cross
  • People emerging from graves
  • Mountains
  • Sea
  • Number 20

Card Meaning

Awakening, renewal, great spiritual power, decision to start a new business that will change life for the better. Joy after dream came true or a goal achieved.
Additional Card Meanings: Revival, forgiveness.

Reversed Card Meaning

In the reversed position the Judgement card warns: Don’t hesitate for too long, don?t be late and use the moment. A delay threatens that you might lose. If the adjacent cards in a spread don?t say anything specific, then the circumstances will not change until the person, on whom the divination was performed, will not accept a decision. This card might mean separation and even divorce in relation to personal matters.


Believe that a resolution to a problem or redemption is not far away.


Pay attention to that old problems, solved long time ago won?t resurrect again.

Card of the Day

Today you’ll be able to solve your problem, a new or an old one. Just keep your eyes open in order to not to miss the opportunity. You don?t need to do anything – just wait. Although sometimes to find a final solution, you’ll need a small internal push.

Card of the Year

This year you have to “discover the treasure”, whatever that may mean for you. You might regain something valuable, which was considered lost, or to be part of something really impressive and so important that you couldn’t even dream of.

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