Emperor Tarot Card

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The Emperor card illustrates an imperious man with a scepter, seated on a cubic stone (which indicates the defeat of matter).

The card represents the rational, secular domination based on reason, while denying feelings.

Find the truth, listen to your inner voice and remember the deeds and things that are more important than your plans. Follow the right path.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a man, it means that this person is a leader of a working team and the head of his family. In the moment of truth, such a man will not hesitate to take power into his own hands and finish the business.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a woman, it might indicate that she has a strong protector (perhaps unknown to her yet). In certain cases, this card means that this woman is under a very strong influence of an older man.

When this card falls next to negative cards or when reversed, you should be careful, because a contact with this person will not be easy. This person is used to handle not only himself and his business, but the actions of others. He most likely thinks he knows how and why you should live, better than you (he will try to convince you in that at the first opportunity he gets).

How events will unravel depends mainly on an influential person, who you can identify based on adjacent cards in the spread.

Card Symbols

  • Posture
  • Stone throne
  • Red colors
  • Armor
  • Ram heads
  • Ankh wand in right hand
  • Gold ball in left hand
  • Number 4

Card Meaning

Our duty is to implement the truth. A man that wins in the fight for truth performs his earthly assignment. It represents the mature people, which have properly chosen their path.
Additional Card Meanings: Authority, support.

Reversed Card Meaning

Denial of authorities, inability to curb your flaws and faults. Sometimes it also means obedience to a tyrant.


Implement your plans firmly and consistently.


Unnecessary pedantry and judgment can ruin any living deed and feeling.

Card of the Day

Today you must get down to business. Today you are full of energies and power and the fate is on your side. You can handle any thing, find out any relationship and correct any errors and deficiencies. If you currently do not have a specific thing to do, then perhaps it is time to at least clean up the apartment, fix the bicycle or pay old bills?

Card of the Year

You have a year full of activities ahead of you. If you have ideas that need to be realized, dreams that are waiting to come true for a long time or any intentions that you already had shared with others – this year is the ultimate test for their suitability. In the next 12 months you will need to be more self disciplined. Have a look at which goals answer the needs of your soul in order to use this time to realize them. Flexibility and perseverance – is the motto under which you will be able to follow the only true path, which allows reaching these goals.

On the other hand, this year could mean that you need to make important decisions, save what has been achieved, perhaps a disengagement with someone or with something, or just receive new responsibilities upon yourself.

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