Sun Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a child holding a red flag and riding a white horse under bright rays of the sun, sunflowers growing in the background. The card often carries a positive message and meaning. It is a symbol of happiness, brought by the simplicity of life. This card is considered the best within Major Arcana cards.

This card indicates innocence and virtue, which the world awards generously with heat and light. It’s a reminder to you that without these priceless qualities, any action or even thought will be doomed to a quick death. True success comes only to those people, who are like children who see life simply and wisely, and don’t make things complicating by their ambitions or ambitiousness.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Sun card indicates that this person has not only an attractive appearance, but also an unusually clear and truly sunny character. It seems as if this person carries a piece of the sun, thus consistently staying under its protection. He has a rich, wise soul and has reached a high level of consciousness and happiness. Now it’s time for him to help others.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a specific situation, the Sun card promises an unusually peaceful and successful resolution. Your plans will certainly be realized, though perhaps not as quickly as you’d like. Nevertheless, the overall outcome of the situation will be so extremely successful, that you’ll soon forget the fact that you had to wait for quite some time for fulfillment of your hopes.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on the future, the Sun card predicts that a good and bright period will come in quite a short time. During this period, you should try to do as much as possible, because success will await in all endeavors. It’s important to make many efforts, but even more important is to be optimistic and have aspirations. It’s worth remembering that almost every path to a goal can meet unexpected obstacles, but if you don’t stop when you met the – success will be guaranteed. This card may also predict a happy married life or a birth of a child.

Card Symbols

  • Large sun shining in the midday sky
  • Child
  • Red flag
  • Vertically raised feather
  • Wall and sunflowers
  • White horse
  • Number 19

Card Meaning

Happiness, prosperity, health, success and fulfillment of dreams. This card predicts a reward and a good future.
Additional Card Meanings: Well-being, achievement.

Reversed Card Meaning

Short temper, anger, discord, sometimes health problems or family troubles. Nevertheless, this card is so positive that even in a reversed position it predicts success, but only after considerable efforts. Hopes and love dreams will come true, but not fully. Also can mean a temporary separation from loved ones.


Get down to business with optimism and cheerfulness.


Don’t overestimate your strength; don’t be naive, banal or frivolous.

Card of the Day

This day will be sunny and you’ll be able to enjoy it fully. It might simply pass, and it might bring a brilliant victory. With joy of life and belief in yourself, you can take any new business, finding and pulling like-minded people after you. If you have quarreled with someone or know that someone is offended by you – today is the best day for a generous forgiveness and reconciliation of warring parties.

Card of the Year

This year you’ll see the sunny side of life. All doubts and fears, which have tormented you up until now, will finally recede into the past. They will be replaced with belief in yourself, love for life and confidence in the future. You’ll be happy again and feel in the middle of things. Life will graciously bestow you, and you’ll give as much to others. Use this time to resolve any conflicts, make a step towards reconciliation. Such openness will attract people to your side, and it will help you in work and in personal life. If you receive these sunny gifts with proper gratitude, you will not be in danger of becoming conceited and alienate others.

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