Lovers Tarot Card

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This card combines two plots. It promises deep love experiences, but it also involves a choice: a rejection of an old way of life (i.e. parents home and freedom) or a transition to a new level, the level of awareness of Love. Only a true awareness of Love will reveal the strong information field that contains the card of Lovers. The Lovers card can mean any particular situation of choice, not necessarily related to love. It indicates that you have to make a choice. Which of the two plots appears to you depends on the meaning of the question you’ve asked. Whatever the question you have at this point of your life, the card indicates that it is important not to make a wrong choice. In order to understand if you are looking in the right direction or not, look at the cards that appear next to this card.

This card happens to appear in a spread when a person has a problem of choice, and it doesn’t matter to which life aspect it relates to, nor if it’s a simple choice or a hard one – it shows that this person has many doubts.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on person’s character, the Lovers card indicates that this person is indecisive and has a fear of liability.

Card Symbols

  • Adam and Eve
  • Garden of Eden
  • Nudity – the state before the apple was bitten
  • Two Trees
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Shining sun
  • Mountain
  • Number 6

Card Meaning

Inevitability of choice. A symbol of inspiration, feelings and guesses. In real life, love and friendship.
Additional Card Meanings: Choice, love.

Reversed Card Meaning

Internal division, conflict with yourself. May also mean a separation. If this card appears next to Tower Tarot Card it portends imprisonment.


Find a common language with other people, in order to strive together for a common goal.


Don’t think that a good start means a successful end.

Card of the Day

Listen to your heart – and make a decision about a certain person, business or plan. If you still have hesitations, then make up your mind and plan for the upcoming weekend. Fix what was broken, restore what was destroyed. The Lovers Tarot Card doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of love expects you in a near future, although sometimes it does happen.

Card of the Year

Expect a year of stormy emotions. Perhaps these emotions are connected to a person, whom you know for a long time or just got to know this year, or maybe it’s connected to work that you’ll successfully finish, or any other pleasing experience. Whatever it will be, don’t miss it and don’t let it pass by you with indifference, you should accept it!

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