Justice Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a seated woman on a throne with scales in her left hand and a sword in her right hand. Scales are a sign of balance between the right and the duty; the sword is a sign of good protection and a threat to evil forces.

It is a sign of your balance and ability to find a reasonable compromise on many controversial issues. The idea of justice lies in your character and you will be able to adequately assess any situation, almost without any help from others.

In any spread this card is connected inextricably with fairness and honesty. However, the value can be either good or bad, depending on the cards next to it.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on person’s character, in one case the Justice card can indicate that this person is very decent and honest, and on the other hand it could mean that this person is inclined to blame everything and everyone around and be almost maniacally confident in his own right and point of view.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a specific course of events or an occasion, the card warns that the best result will be reached by the party that uses only honest methods. It can also mean that certain disputes may have to be settled through court.

Card Symbols

  • Woman
  • Crown
  • Gray columns
  • Sword in right hand and scales in left hand
  • Only the right foot and the right side of the throne are visible
  • Golden background
  • Purple curtain
  • Number 11

Card Meaning

Maturity and life experience. Depending on the adjacent cards, it may involve marriage or divorce, or compensation for damages.
Additional Card Meanings: Judgment, justice, balance.

Reversed Card Meaning

Break, judicial or long and unresolved cases, incompetence or resentment. It may point out your inherent timidity and indecision, when any, even the slightest difficulty is forcing you to look for support and encouragement from friends or acquaintances.


Approach the matter soberly and objectively, by recognizing your responsibility for the decision.


Avoid bias and beliefs in the infallibility of your own judgment.

Card of the Day

Today you are required to clear your thoughts. If you are experiencing a conflict, or you need to make an important decision, first of all try to maintain integrity and think of long-term consequences of your actions. It is also possible that today you will be faced with the consequences of your acts done in the past. Depending on how you have behaved in the past, today you will be either relieved or feel uneasy.

Card of the Year

This year could be crucial for you, so give yourself time to properly sort out your affairs and make objective decisions. In general, it depends only on you how you will live the next twelve months. You will reap what had sown, by being responsible for your decisions and actions. If this “harvest” will be bitter as a result of your past sins, then you can still use it for your advantage: fix the mistakes in order to enjoy the peace in the future.

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