Temperance Tarot Card

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The card illustrates an angel decanting vitality from one cup to another. It symbolizes the eternal cycle of energy in the universe.

This is a very favorable card that promises stability and peace. If the Temperance card happens to appear during a tarot spread, it means that there won’t be any acute events or turning points in the near future, and if there are any existing conflicts – they will all be solved in the best and peaceful manner.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on a person’s character, the Temperance card shows that this is a self-sufficient person. This person isn’t capricious or erratic; he controls his moods and isn’t influenced by other people’s emotions. This person usually has a clear and friendly state of mind, which attracts other people.

If this card happens to appear when practicing divination on specific situation, the Temperance promises a favorable outcome of events, but also warns that you shouldn’t expect a quick solution. The case will move slowly, but without any obstacles. Be patient and after a while you’ll safely reach the desired goal.


Card Symbols

  • Angel with a radiant halo over his head
  • Road, mountain and crown-shaped sun
  • Four Elements (Water, Earth, Air and Fire)
  • Decantation of liquid from one cup to another
  • Triangle inside a square
  • Number 14

Card Meaning

Renovation of spiritual strengths, release from unnecessary emotions, calmness and balance in point of views.
Additional Card Meanings: Moderation, harmony.

Reversed Card Meaning

Wrong approach to life, too much emotions and irrational actions. Sometimes it may portend an early marriage. When reversed, the Temperance card decreases the negative values of the adjacent cards.


Find the right measure and follow it.


Do not be schlocky and don’t fall for momentary pleasures.

Card of the Day

Today is a magical day, when the light from your hands can help you find wonderful discoveries, revelations and wonders of creation. You may be able to bring the right people together to solve a difficult problem or just to make a good recipe. If you were going to declare your love, or to smooth rough edges and make peace, then today is the better day for it than any other day.

Card of the Year

This year, you can completely trust your guardian angel. Whatever your plans are, they will lead you to the right path. If you’re worrying too much, if you’re torn between two extremes or just don’t know how to get out of a specific trap and you simply can’t find peace – first calm down. There will be creative solutions for these problems before you know it. So the main goal for you this year is to stay calm.

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