Samhain Ritual for Family Happiness

0 12 years ago

Samhain Sabbat is a good time to perform a ritual that helps bond a family together and protect it from negative influences.


  • 4 dark blue candles
  • 4 autumn leaves
  • Some of the season’s fruits
  • Blue stones and crystals

Place a dish filled with autumn fruits (apples, pears, plums, etc) on your Wiccan altar and surround it with family photos. Pour some rosemary around the photographs in order to create a circle. Lay out a square from blue stones and crystals that encloses the circle in order to protect it from negative influences of the external world. Place 4 dried autumn leaves on the altar, and place a dark-blue candle in each of the four corners of the square. Starting from the north, say the following:

“I see my beloved family in the light of love and wisdom,
They appreciate each other and become friendlier with each passing day,
Letting friendship overcome their weaknesses and give them joy from mutual love.”

Light the candles, take an autumn leaf and burn it using the first candle, while saying:

“With this dying leaf I banish all anger, rivalry and misunderstandings from my family.”

Take a second leaf and burn it using the second candle, saying:

“With this dying leaf I banish all external evil intentions, interventions and gossip that can hurt any member of our family and threaten our unity.”

Take a third leaf and burn it using the third candle, while saying the following:

“With this dying leaf I banish all unjust actions, words and conflicts between members of our family.”

Take a fourth leaf and burn it using the fourth candle, saying:

“With this dying leaf I banish all the negative feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, so that everyone will fell secure and confident in supporting their family.
So be it!”

Let all candles burn completely. On the next day, each member of the family must eat a bit from the altar fruits that were used for this ritual.

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