Empress Tarot Card

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In the Middle Ages the Empress was known as the “Love of Heaven”, the universal creative force. The Empress sits in the center of a radiant sun and her feet resting on the moon. The sun is a symbol of a creative power. The moon under her feet means the insignificance of a matter and the domination of the spirit.

Rely on fate, stay calm and let the events take their course. You already have all you need. The appearance of this Arcana means that soon you’ll see the outcome and you will know what fate has brought you. It is possible that this card is a sign of a friendly woman, who for one reason or another took you under her patronage.

In special cases, it represents an early marriage or motherhood (in the presence of suitable Minor Arcana). If this card appears to a man, it may represent the presence of another woman in his life, who has a large influence on him.

Card Symbols

  • Figure
  • Spikes of wheat, pomegranate fruits
  • River
  • Trees
  • Crown with twelve tiaras
  • Sceptre with a ball
  • Sign of Venus
  • Number 3

Card Meaning

Abundance, material wealth and successes in art.
Additional Card Meanings: Initiative, development.

Reversed Card Meaning

Useless labor, a decrease of creative powers, household troubles, sometimes financial problems and revenge.


Look for fertile soil, be open to growth and change.


Avoid excesses, but at the same time do not miss the chance.

Card of the Day

Greet the new day. It promises to be quite fascinating. Nature might beckon you in order to feed your soul and spirit. In daily life you may expect a fresh breeze of new ideas and creative impulses. The things you kept to yourself, perhaps too long, can now finally find a way out, and something that you have been given up, suddenly comes to life and begin to flourish. Anything you’ll start to do today, will end with a succeess, because you will be led by an infallible instinct for choosing the right direction.

Card of the Year

This year will be extremely fruitful for you. The next twelve months will be marked by promising changes and amazing chances to grow. Cultivate your field as hard as possible, that will give a rich harvest. This is a great time for new beginnings, with a main purpose of giving an opportunity to open up your abilities and show yourself. Be open to all new impulses and suggestions that can make your life more beautiful and richer.The things you have been thinking about or have worked on for a long time might take shape and be successfully implemented in this year. Trust the life-giving and healing powers of nature.

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