Hierophant Tarot Card

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The card illustrates a seated man with a cross (or a pope staff) in his left hand and a crown on his head. His right hand is raised with two fingers pointing upwards and two pointing down. By this gesture, he invites you to concentrate in order to be able to hear the voice from heaven, and reject the voices of passion and flesh. There are two monks in front of the Hierophant, which represent the geniuses of light and darkness. The genius of good – on the right side, the genius of evil – on the left. Only conscience can distinguish between the two.

Stare at the card. If you feel like one of those monks, it means you’re looking for a teacher who would guide you and show you the path to the truth. If you perceive yourself as a universal figure, it means you are able to teach others, but first ask yourself – do you really hold great knowledge?

You must trust the man whose advices will help you to successfully overcome the obstacles on your way.

Card Symbols

  • A priest and kneeling monks
  • Red roses and white lilies
  • Triple cross
  • Triple crown
  • Three Crosses on the background
  • Blessing hand with two fingers
  • Gray columns
  • Crossed keys
  • Number 5

Card Meaning

It is necessary to know how the person uses his will. This is because every person creates his life according to his deeds. The card is a symbol of morality, intelligence and wisdom. It can mean an upcoming marriage, good deeds and a strong friendship.
Additional Card Meanings: Inspiration, mercy.

Reversed Card Meaning

Slander and shame. Next to Hanged Man Tarot Card it means a betrayal in love. For now the situation is beyond your control, so it’s best to rely on the fate and humbly wait for the finale.


Always search for a meaning and devote yourself only to meaningful work.


Don’t be proud of your achievements, to avoid becoming an aggressive fanatic who thinks he is always right.

Card of the Day

Start your day by opening-out to the God and the Cosmos. You have already achieved a lot, and now you have the opportunity to learn or to do something really meaningful. Don’t hold on to old rules and rituals, and don’t listen to preachers and politicians. Look for the inner meaning of all things and don’t pay attention to the opinions of others. If you’ll engage into a conflict, try to take a position that will leave you with a clear conscience.

Card of the Year

The important thing for you is to find the meaning in whatever you’re doing. If you constantly ask yourself why do you need all of this, then in the next twelve months you will have the time and the opportunity to find the answer. But first you have to check if your views and principles aren’t outdated. If you’ll find that somewhere you are still guided by antiquated dogmas and old-fashioned values you may had in early childhood, you may realize that it is time to replace them by modern concepts, which are more relevant in today’s time. And then it does not matter whether it’s a particular situation or your general position in life: This year you’ll be given a chance to figure out which values are really dear to you and which are not. So don’t be surprised if by the end of the year you will form an entirely new and different world view.

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